About us in english

Welcome to Almträ Nordic AB, Yvonne & Odd Almehagen. 

Since we have been working for other companies in this business, more or less all our grown up lives, closer to 45 years, we got the idea to start up Almträ Nordic AB, the 02nd half year of 2013. Almträ Nordic AB is unique in it's smallness, it is only the two of us. Yvonne is taking care of the economy and administration, Odd is purchasing and Selling, and our base is in little Vimmerby in Småland, Sweden. From here we are able to reach out to all our potential customers in Scandinavia, and rest of Europé, and all our network and suppliers around the globe. 

We do not have any warehouse in Sweden. Our warehouses will be our true friends and suppliers around the globe, first of all in USA. The idea is simply to take away COSTs, as much as possible, and this we will share with our customers. 

From NorthAmerica we are only Selling complete 40' containers, but we might mix different species in a container. We also do have a great network around Eastern Europé and Western Europé, first of all in Germany with all different species in veneer and hardwoods, and from Germany, which is so close to Sweden, we also have the oppurtunity to take home single bundles or more. 

Do not hesitate to contact us, we can be reached more or less all the time.